Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hard Times in Santa Monica Bay With Henry Waxman

The Argonaut ran a column featuring Amy Heckerling’s 1980’s flick “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, which defined a generation.  Sadly, not this one, and not in the Santa Monica Bay.

I cannot think of a better title to describe conditions in the 33rd Congressional district than “Hard Times in Santa Monica”, where Southern Californians still struggle to find work, pay their bills, and provide for their future. I imagine a darker comedy, headlined by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles/South Bay). Businesses are fleeing the heavily-taxed and regulated anti-business climate in the area. Instead of “Hey, bud, let’s party!” Santa Monica Bay residents are wondering why their health care premiums are rising up, why they may be losing Saturday mail service, why there are so many homeless veterans still on the street, and why President Obama has been monitoring our phone calls and reading our emails.

How can anyone party when there’s no Subway to the Sea to avoid the time-wasting commute on Wilshire? LA Weekly reported that Waxman has gotten into turf wars with Congresswoman Maxine Waters about the expansion of LAX. ”I have lost all respect for the man,” Waters admitted. Resident in Mar Vista, Venice, and El Segundo should share the same disappointment.

Like the overbearing teacher Mr. Hand, Waxman has extended government encroachment into our lives, ignoring our nation’s diminishing entitlements, instead chasing after climate change. The Ballona Wetlands has not received due attention. The Clean Water Act remains unamended. Two historic Venice and Santa Monica post offices are closing, partly because the Congressman cosponsored legislation which required the postal service to fund health care for employees seventy-five years in advance (Obamacare for the Post man).

The real party will start when Waxman is no longer in office. Then Hard Times will end in Santa Monica Bay.

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