Saturday, August 17, 2013

RLn Covers Waxman -- Finally

Finally, Random Lengths News did a story on Congressman Henry Waxman. Most Harbor-area residents and even some Palos Verdes homeowners have not learned that Waxman now represents them, along with West Los Angeles and Agoura Hills. The new 33rd Congressional District is quite a spread, but the Citizens Redistricting Commission felt compelled to lump residents of the same economic and social classes together, joining the South Bay and the Westside by “the ribbon of shame” along Dockweiler Beach. Writing letters as always, Waxman shared his concerns about potential terrorist threats with the Rancho LGP facility in San Pedro.

Yes, Waxman went after Big Tobacco in 1995. He also spent months investigating steroid abuse in baseball as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, yet he had no knowledge of the basic laws regulating steroid use – all of this you can see in the Documentary “Bigger, Faster, Stronger”.

Congressman Henry Waxman declared in open committee “We’re not broke!” even though this nation faces a sixteen trillion dollar national debt. He has decried the two Bush wars not paid for (Iraq and Afghanistan), yet Waxman voted for both of them. There are thousands of homeless veterans in Los Angeles County, yet Waxman has done nothing to renovate the Brentwood VA, and even allowed private leases on the property.

He pushed Cap and Trade, but did not know what was in his own bill. The legislation would have killed one million jobs along with setting up a carbon market Ponzi scheme which would enrich the rich and impoverish those still struggling to get by. He even admitted in a recent budget committee hearing that he did not know that General Motors went bankrupt. Did you know, RLn editors, that retired teachers and police officers lost millions of dollars from their pension funds in order to bailout GM workers? Whatever happened to “An injury to one is an injury to all?”

Like most conservatives, I support properly financed public transit projects. Waxman killed the Subway to the Sea for decades, which would have permitted Los Angeles to construct a metro line beneath Wilshire Blvd. and provide a faster commute from Downtown to Santa Monica.

Congressman Henry Waxman is hardly the progressive which progressives claim to champion. I wish that Random Lengths News would “Know the hell out of the lie” (per Charles Bukowski) about Henry Waxman and his historic three plus decade tenure in Congress.

Please visit "Waxman Watch" ( for more information.

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