Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Call Democrats"

I hammered this strategy over and over with the Bloomfield Campaign:

"When are you guys going to call Democrats?"

I assumed that most moderate Democrats would be thrilled to choose an Independent over Henry Waxman, a corporate liberal who spends more time chasing cameras and grilling witnesses on insignificant issues instead of sticking up for the "little guy."

"Call Democrats" I kept saying.

"We are not going to call Democrats" was the answer I got one day.

I wish Bill had visited Democratic clubs in the Santa  Monica Bay, as well.

It would have been a show of good faith on his part to demonstrate once again that he is a complete independent, not a Republican, not a Democrat, and certainly not affiliated with any other party.

Democrats are people, too.

The older generation of Democrats is more conservative than Republicans give them credit for.

I did contact a number of Democrats in the Malibu/North Santa Monica Bay region, and some of them gave this reason for voting for Bloomfield:

"Waxman has been in office for thirty-eight years! Enough!"

Sadly, he won reelection, but by the slimmest margin of his political career.

Here's to reaching out to more Democrats, telling them that the CA GOP has a better agenda than anything that the Democratic Party Machine can offer.

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