Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hear the Choppers? Hear the Sound of Bankruptcy?

Congressman Waxman is chopping away at climate change, and now he has passed legislation about the noise pollution from low-handing helicopters -- choppers.

The noise is one thing -- the distractions of low-flying anything should be enough to frustrate anyone.

The noise of gavels slamming on a dais, or empty prattle about Obama-WaxmanCare extending coverage and care, when it has done precisely the opposite, still dominate the airwaves coming out of Congressman Henry Waxman's office.

Interestingly enough, California's two US Senators, and Congressman Adam Schiff, issues an editorial describing their efforts to limit noise pollution in the Los Angeles area from noise pollution.

Congressman Henry Waxman did not join the editorial with his signature.

Perhaps he likes the helicopter noise, which distracts Santa Monica Bay voters from hearing and seeing the wasted opportunities and the wasted dollars lost on legislation which stops people from smoking on airplanes, but which has done nothing to balance our nation's budget or stop the spending spree.

The American People still hear the chronic "cha-ching" of  trillion dollar annual deficits.

What would Waxman like to do about them?

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