Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Unheard (or Unheeded) Effects of Obama-WaxmanCare

Congressman Henry Waxman derided the Republican House Majority because they attempted to repeal the law a record 30 times.

"As if they had nothing better to do."

It's funny and infuriating that Congressman Waxman would indict anyone in Congress for wasting time. After all, he spent thirty-eight years grilling tobacco CEOs and investigating steroid abuse in baseball, or threatening CEOs who were prepared to take a massive write-off following the passage of Obama-WaxmanCare.

The Supreme Court Upheld Obama-WaxmanCare. . .
He was pursuing such inane policies while homeless veterans were suffering on the streets of Los Angeles. The land ended up under private lease for decades, yet the Congressman did nothing about it. Then there was the Subway to the Sea, which went nowhere fast because of Waxman's pulling strings for rich, Westside residents.

Back to Obama-WaxmanCare, the Congressman trumpeted the "much good" which the law promises to voters.

The Los Angeles Times just reported that there is a shortage of doctors in the state of California, likely due to the misguided and ill-conceived Obama-WaxmanCare law. One friend shared with me that the law forced him to change doctors four times in one month. Those practitioners chose retirement over handling the massive expanse of regulations from the law.

Another community leader shared with me that doctors have to fill out certain prescriptions every month, or face a severe fine. God help the patient who visits that doctor at the end of the month.

As a TAX -- which is taxing businesses, schools,
doctors, just about everybody.
A podiatrist has also  mentioned that Obama-WaxmanCare is crushing his ability to get any work done.

Obama-WaxmanCare demands access, yet demand can only go as far as supply will support. Fewer doctors means less access, no matter what the federal government mandates. Forcing people to purchase insurance, when most people cannot even find a job, is both cruel and unusual in Congress' scope to regulate and tax individuals into purchasing something.

Congressman Waxman, you must repeal and replace your "signature" legislation. Doctors are retiring, patients are waiting, and this country is hemorrhaging with more debt because of it. The Obama-WaxmanCare tax is hurting everyone. How is this "leading the fight"?

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