Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Waxman Writes Letters: Ineffective and Inconsequential

During the debate, 13 Democratic members spoke in favor of the amendments, while the Republican members sat silently in the Committee room and rarely engaged in the debate. Rep. Waxman said, “Mr. Rush and I wrote Chairman Upton and Chairman Whitfield 21 times last Congress to request hearings with climate change scientists. Chairman Upton and Chairman Whitfield never responded to those letters. Today, the Republicans did not respond to the arguments of Democratic members. Unfortunately, the Republicans can’t make climate change go away by pretending it doesn’t exist.”
Enough with the Letter Writing. . .

Congressman Waxman wrote 21 times requesting hearings on climate change during the last Congress.

He loves to legislate, he loves to write letters, but I wish that he loved paying attention to matters which actually matter.

How many letters did he write about the stunning and unintended consequences for Obama-WaxmanCare? Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa ought to subpoena him about the ill-effects of the law, including the massive shortage of doctors in the state of California.

How many letters has Congressman Waxman written regarding the ill-treatment of homeless veterans in the Los Angeles area? How many times did he bother to contact the leaders of the Brentwood VA, or even to get a reasonable tally on the number of homeless in the LA-Santa Monica area?

Legislators are supposed to defend the Constitution and represent us, not pursue flowery, arcane issues which resist definition, which have no bearing on the well-being or future of this country.

Congressman Henry Waxman, when are you going to do more than just write letters about climate change? When are you going to meet with colleagues to discuss debt and deficit reduction? The growing number of departments in the federal government is the real cause for alarm, not the nebulous causes and consequences of climate change, previously referred to a "global warming" or some other more ponderous and "disconcerting" title.

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