Wednesday, February 20, 2013

End the Cult of Waxman the Taxman

I do not understand it.

How can people like this guy?

He said "We're not broke!" not once, but twice in open committee.

He said "I'm sorry Solyndra happened!" yet voted against  the "No More Solyndras" Act.

He said: "I don't know" about his own cap and trade bill, the GM auto bailouts, and steroids in baseball.

He has ignored the plight of homeless veterans for decades.

He has voted against lowering taxes for working Americans.

Yet people "love Henry Waxman"!

There is only one answer I can think of:

The cult of "Waxman the Taxman" has brain-washed people.

How does the cult work?

You vote for "Waxman the Taxman", and you get "free stuff".

One resident in Santa Monica told me how much he loved Congressman Waxman.

When I  pressed him to explain why, he was hesitant at first. Then he shared that  he gets "free health care."

"Free health care" does not exist, because someone is paying for it. Such a notion of "free anything" belies a break from reality. The fact that this gentleman could not explain why he liked Congressman Waxman was quite disturbing, as well.

I still remember the voter whom I spoke with in Venice, a guy who assumed that Congressman Waxman "fights for the little guy." When I told him about  "We're not broke!" and his record of voting against tax cuts, he was open to learning more about the Congressman.

Then there is former Mayor Henry Duclos, who claimed that Congressman Waxman "fights for us, and wins!"

What or who is Waxman fighting for? That we have fewer doctors in California? That we have higher premiums because of Obama-WaxmanCare? That American families will be burdened with record tax increases because of a law which forces people to purchase health care in a market which has grown more strained?

It's time to end the cult of Waxman the Taxman. People need to know the truth about this man, that he does not respect nor represent the best interests of his constituents, or the country, or even the Constitution of the United States.

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