Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Republicans Deny Science?" Waxman Denies Reality!

“I am disappointed that the primary energy committee has come to this point of denying the science,” said Rep. Waxman. “House Republicans have buried their heads in the sand. I hope they will realize how out of step they are with the science, the public, and the business community. We have a moral duty to act to prevent the worst impacts of climate change affecting our children and future generations.” Waxman's Website

I cannot believe that Congressman Waxman continues to trot out this tired treacle.
"Did I say that?"

The same Congressman who claims "We're not broke!" not once but twice in open committee.

who voted against cutting taxes for middle and working class voters.

Who claimed to have no knowledge about the steroid laws in this country, yet insisted on running oversight hearings on drug abuse in professional baseball.

The same Congressman who admitted "I don't know" about his own Cap and Trade bill.

The same Congressman who believes that his signature law, Obama-WaxmanCare, is serving constituents, when hospitals are struggling to survive, premiums are going up, access is going down, there are fewer doctors in California, and the laws has added another layer of unnecessary taxes on the American people.

While he goes on and on about Republicans denying science, Congressman Waxman is denying reality.

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