Monday, February 4, 2013

Other Thoughts About Waxman in Hermosa Beach

When I attended the Hermosa Beach townhall meeting, the dominant issue was "climate change".

People are worried about the green of the grass, but they should be more concerned about the green that Washington is losing. They should be worried about the green with envy that their children and grandchildren will feel when they look back on the life and opportunities which their ancestors had, which they squandered on "global warming" and climate change.

I also noticed that the vast majority of people at the Hermosa Beach townhall meeting were a bunch of old, white, rich people. The classic retort of the Democratic Party has described the Republican Party as the association  old elitists who look down on minorities. Apparently, they are more accurately describing themselves.

All of this talk about "climate change" has little to offer men and women trying to raise their families, find good jobs, and pursue the happiness which the Declaration of Independence glorified so tellingly.

What would that group of "Old White People" like to tell manual laborers in the third world, should all of those global initiatives force companies to shut down in Asia? Why should the "white guilt"of Santa Monica Bay retirees force residents of the developing world to suffer in abysmal conditions because they cannot find work or take advantage of technological innovations.

I cannot believe that any voting constituency would spend so much time on "climate change alarmism" when the science has revealed nothing more than the fact that the temperature is rising.
There have been tsunamis. There have been tornadoes. There have been wildfires. There have been cold snaps, and there have also been recorded freezing temperatures, too.

Yes, the world has been getting  a little warmer, lately. Should everyone get scared and demand that government do something about it? No.

Should the federal government spend more money that the taxpayers cannot release to fight a non-problem which has alarmed a group of scientists and politically active globalists, when the greater number of people in this country, and throughout the world, no longer want to suffer in an economic climate which punishes people for doing for themselves instead of depending on government, which does nothing but serve itself with the money and ambitions of those who want to make the most out of life.

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