Monday, February 4, 2013

Henry Waxman: Leading the Fight for Whom?

"I'm so glad I don't have to smell smoke on an airplane!" one constituent shared with me. A friend of a fried of Henry Waxman shared with me his respect for the Congressman going after Big Tobacco in 1994.

I could not agree with these sentiment any more than I already have. I like clean air, and I do not like smoking.

Unfortunately, too many people love Congressman Waxman for what he did decades ago.

As former Hermosa Beach Mayor Duclos shared on January 30 in a townhall meeting, he has fought fights and won for "everyone", but those fights were decades ago. Whether those fights were for "everyone", or just the dedicated few liberal elitists who are convinced that government should spend small business tax dollars on wasteful government programs, remains another story altogether.

His 2012 campaign slogan was "Leading the Fight". Whose fight is he leading?

He wasn't leading the fight for Hispanic voters, or anyone else, on the Eastside of Los Angeles since he blocked the Subway to the Sea for decades.

He has not been leading the fight for our youth, since he supports trillion dollar deficits which future generations will have to pay.

He does not fight for doctors or other medical professionals, since Obama-WaxmanCare is driving up premiums while limiting access for future and even current health insurance recipients. The same law has levied heavier taxes on medical devices, businesses, and individuals.

How many employees will have a harder time getting health insurance once they learn that their employers will no longer carry them because ObamaCare has made it too costly?

Waxman has not been leading the fight for our veterans. How many of them have given their lives, given their health, fighting for this country, and thousands of them remain homeless on the street? He has written letters, but he has done little else to badger his colleagues or the president to do more. Has he even broached the subject of getting our troops out of Afghanistan? President Obama has set down 2014 as a withdrawal date. It should be 2013, right now, and sooner than that.

For 38  years, Congressman Waxman did nothing for our troops. Now that he has a less certain future representing the new 33rd Congressional district, he has to pay attention, or he may pay with losing his seat in Congress.

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