Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Tale of Two Leftists

The South Bay has its share of Leftists, at least that was how this one gentleman introduced himself when he first away my advertisement to vote out Henry Waxman.

Of course, one guy nearly came out swinging when I asked him about why he supported Henry Waxman. Such voters are loyal to the Congressman, not to any particular set of views. He claimed that Henry Waxman was an honest Congressman, one who told the truth, even though he claimed in open committee that this nation, with a $16 trillion deficit is "not broke", a legislator who did not even know what was in his signature Cap and Trade Bill, and so on. If a voter attacks me or gets angry, I just let go of the conversation and move on.

I have found a growing number of "Waxman-Fanmen" are nearly idolizing in their following of this politician.

Men and women, not demi-gods, go to Congress to protect our rights and secure our borders, and most of all honor the Constitution.

Congressman Waxman has pushed for government overreach time and again, not letting anything get in his way. No matter how many laws that he has passed dealing with healthcare or the environment, the result is more dysfunction and less quality time and again.

ObamaCare is the largest tax increase in American History, and still millions will remain uninsured, despite the millions of regulations and committees and boards and exchanges, many of which have no connection with providing better health care with more efficient access.

Another young man in the South Bay told me that he would automatically vote for Waxman because he was a Leftist, and he had not interest in changing his mind. . .until he noticed that I was willing to hear his opinion on the issues.

He then told me that he was not a full-range socialist. In the past, he served as a journalists, so he was well-versed in the political issues which affected the community that he reported on. He later stepped away to start his own business. He shared with me that he did not have the money to purchase his own health insurance, and had been without coverage for two years.

He then admitted that he did not like Waxman at all, but he was still inclined to vote for him, perhaps assuming that he would be facing a Republican challenger, which is not the case at all.

He then shared with me that government ought to have a role to play. I agreed with him, refuting the notion that conservatives want to do away with government altogether -- completely untrue.

After I shared with him that Bill Bloomfield is an Independent, a businessman, and committed to bringing down debts and deficits and ending default, he became more open-minded and willing to look into voting for someone else.

Two "Leftists", yet one of them was willing to hear about the other candidate, Mr. Bill Bloomfield. Contrary to the concerns that conservatives and independents may have in this district, there is a growing sentiment among Democrats and Leftists who will happily support "Anyone but Waxman".

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