Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To Waxman, Disagreement is "Terrorism"


Democrat Henry Waxman is no foreigner when it comes to confrontation.

He has waved his gavel at Tobacco CEOs, and the CEOs of failed financial firms. He has gone after professional athletes over steroid use.

He has tangled with the opposition on the House floor over Cap and Trade. He even threatened to throw one member off of a committee during a tense hearing with an official from the Bush Administration.

Now, Waxman decries:

Waxman reportedly said that “they want to use legislation as a way to act like terrorists. They hold things as hostage,” He went on to exclaim: “We almost couldn’t fund the government because Republicans wanted to hold that idea hostage, we almost couldn’t pay our debts because the Republicans wanted to hold that legislation hostage to their extreme agenda, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they scuttled this conference by trying to hold us hostage.”

This misunderstanding presumable touches on the GOP's decision to refusing raising the debt ceiling last year in order to force the government to look long and hard at cutting the spending and ending the debts and the deficits that are hurting this country.

For every vote to raise the debt limit, Waxman showed his true colors, walking in lock-step with his party instead of taking a stand for debt reduction. He voted to raise the debt ceiling every time his party was in the majority, while he voted against raising the debt ceiling when his party was out of power.

A Congressman who likens healthy disagreement over spending, waste, and fraud in government to "terrorism" obviously has no penchant for compromise. The Santa Monica Bay needs legislators who want to stop the spending while working with the opposition in Congress to effect needed change.

Mr. Waxman's terrible comment on "terrorism" is out of place, as he is.

Bloomfield for the 33rd!

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