Monday, August 6, 2012

Four Types of Prospective Voters in the 33rd

As I have been visiting different sections of the 33rd Congressional District, I have encountered different types of voters, diverse reactions which sum up the fractious and uninformed political arena into which many of us have been called to make sense.

Independent Bill Bloomfield is extending his reach by phone and by report. More people want to know about this man.

My mission up to now has been to inform as many prospective voters as I can of the following:

1. Which district they current reside in: the 33rd Congressional District, which takes in the entire Santa Monica Bay, from Palos Verdes to Malibu, to West LA, including the Fairfax district.

2. The "incumbent" who is running for another term in the district: Henry Waxman the Taxman, a 38-ear incumbent who authored one of the largest tax increases in American history (ObamaCare), who refused to compromise, who has submitted bills which barely pass Congress, who believes that this country is "not broke", despite the $16 trillion deficit.

3. The Independent challenger, Bill Bloomfield, who wants to bring solutions to Congress, ending the gridlock and passing legislation that will deal with the deficits, debt, and dysfunction eating away at our present and threatening our future.

In my rounds getting out the vote have encountered four types of people in my personal campaign to "End the Reign of Waxman the Taxman", a politician who has been in office longer than I or anyone in the Generation X (or is Y?) has been alive. Kudos to Republican Christopher David for pointing out the age differential in attacking the extended tenure of Henry Waxman.

1. The first type of prospective voter reacts with anger and disgust when informed that Henry Waxman is running for reelection in their district. If they do not know anything in particular about the Congressman, they will share their disgust with a politician who has been in office for 38 years,etc. I have heard very colorful words from some voters, unfit to be printed or repeated in polite company. They have no reservation about voting for Mr. Bill Bloomfield precisely because they have so deep and odious a dislike for Congressman Henry Waxman. The growing majority of voters whom I have spoken with fall into this category. Their animosity has more than animated them to support the Independent challenger.

2. The second type of voter, Independents and uninformed voters from both major parties, want more information about the Independent Challenger. They like the policies about attacking the debt, reforming the tax code ending corporate subsidies, and getting Congress out of gridlock. Many of these independents are left-leaning individuals, yet they are open-minded about Bill, and offended that Congressman Waxman has remained in office for so long.

3. The third type of constituent tells me flat out that they are Democrats, and they are then inclined to support Henry Waxman. However, they are open enough to share with me the views that they hold. They are also willing to hear the Bloomfield agenda, which matches with many of the views that they have about corrupted, do-nothing government, the same argument which appeals to limited-government conservatives. So far, these open-minded Democrats appreciate that someone else not in their group is willing to listen to their views, and they are turned just enough to consider Bloomfield.

4. The fourth type of prospective voters are the die-hard Waxman fanatics. They are going to vote for Waxman, and they do not care what I have to say. Almost with cult adherence, they have no desire to discuss the issues pertinent to them.

No matter how anyone may feel about the current district's demographics, nearly two-to-one Democratic, with a large segment of decline-to-state voters, the Conservative, Independent, and Open-minded Democratic constituencies are strong and prevalent. This race is just getting heated up, and reports from Washington D.C. indicate the growing rumors that Waxman is in trouble.

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