Friday, August 3, 2012

More on Waxman-Markey

Making that timetable a reality largely falls to Waxman, whose trials and tribulations are the spoils of a long-sought chairmanship. The California Democrat, who waited decades to take over for Michigan Rep. John Dingell on the Energy and Commerce Committee, is now struggling to overcome generations of lawmakers loyal to his predecessor. Waxman finds himself stuck between his longtime allies in the environmental community and a key bloc of moderate Democrats who want to protect local industries from daunting new costs established under the bill.

Henry Waxman is not unaware of conflict or unafraid of a challenge, especially within his own caucus.

I am certain that even the most left-leaning of voters would acknowledge that not having a job, not having a way to make it in the world is a fate that we would like to see less of in this country.

The voters in the 33rd Congressional District want to keep their jobs, their homes, their livelihood.

Expanding the state to protect the environment is not the way to keep the green on my lawn and in my bank account.

The voters expert more, expert better from their representatives. Protect the environment and the taxpayer, I say.

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