Monday, August 13, 2012

I Don't Care for Waxman -- Because of WaxmanCare

Reports have confirmed the inescapable obvious.
This country is going broke, and the entitlement measures which were supposed to stay afloat are fast going broke. Social Security is not secure, and Medicare will not cover the expenses that hospitals are burdened by as demand far outstrips supply, which is falling under the greater control of the federal government.

Now we have reports from the New York Times that more loopholes in the 2000 page ObamaCare will not be able to provide the health insurance that people need.

Henry Waxman's signature piece of legislation, besides the failed Cap and Trade legislation, has done the exact opposite of what was intended.
I do not care for Henry Waxman in part because I do not care for WaxmanCare.

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