Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rich Claims on "Poverty" Expansion

"Expanded number of working poor eligible 24 times under Reagan"

While the embattled Presidential incumbent says ""Forward", Mr. Waxman apparently wants voters to go backward. Mr. Waxman's blast from the past does not provide ballast for an impoverished present. Instead of celebrating the number of people who receive state assistance, what has Congressman Waxman done to reduce regulations, end governmental waste and fraud, and cut the damaging national debts and deficits which throttle job creation in this country?

Under President Obama's tenure in office, there are more people on food stamps and federal subsidies than any time in this country.

Our leaders in government should be prided and praised for expanding wealth and promoting job creation, not expanding the welfare rolls.
Voters in this country want a recovering economy, not a sputtering recovery which has failed to engage a growing segment of the working poor in this country.

Congressman Waxman, only you would promote your stay in office by selling the country on the handouts to the poor. I think that more people would rather get help not being poor instead of receiving aid for their poverty.

The sooner Waxman leaves office, the richer this country will be.

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