Monday, August 13, 2012

Obama-WaxmanCare may Wipe Out Waxman

ObamaCare: Not What Waxman
Wishing For
President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, one which passed with a great deal of support from Congressman Henry Waxman, is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more pointedly referred to as “ObamaCare”. The law has remained as unpopular as ever with the American people.

Rasmussen Reports has just published that now 56% of voters want the Health Care law repealed. (

The legal name for ObamaCare has been lopped down to “Affordable Care Act”, presumably because the higher premiums and diminished access resulting from the legislation has signaled to growing number of voters that the law is not protecting them from the high regulations and diminishing quality of health coverage in this country.

Instead of “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, it should be called “Protecting Patients from Affordable Care” Act, and Congressman Henry Waxman played a central role in its passage.

The number who favor repeal has gotten higher, not lower. Why is that the case?

First of all, ObamaCare is a T-A-X, yet Congressman Waxman, in a July 1 interview with CNN, refused to acknowledge the core element of the ruling which upheld ObamaCare. “It’s a mandate enforced by a tax” was the best Waxman would offer. His double-dealing on the issue is patently unacceptable.

Congressman Waxman claimed that the signature legislation which he helped cram through Congress would increase access for all Americans. Yet ObamaCare is crippling hospitals which cannot come to grips with the increased demand on their beds and halls that will not be defrayed by ObamaCare.  

A recent report points out that hospitals nationwide, which are required by law to care for any patients who enter the hospital, will have to eat the costs for the growing number of illegal immigrants seeking care. Furthermore, illegal immigrants are not eligible for Medicaid.

These individuals cannot purchase their own insurance, yet they cannot be tracked down by the IRS to pay the mandate-fee-tax.

Already 61 hospitals have closed in California between 1998 and 2007.(

“California Health Online” predicted that there will be more closures because of hospitals’ growing dependence on government support, which includes ObamaCare (

Since 2002, 40 hospitals have closed in California, many of which rely on Medicare for reimbursement, yet ObamaCare cut Medicare by $500 billion dollars. (

In response to the passage of ObamaCare, three hospitals closed in Pennsylvania because of the static population with high demand for care, yet the hospitals will not receive the necessary reimbursement because of ObamaCare’s cuts to Medicare. (

Worse yet, ObamaCare did not take care of a greater source of financial strain on our hospitals: the malpractice suits which eat away at their revenues and resources ( As hospitals forgo insuring themselves just to provide basic care for patients, they will more likely facing a growing tide of lawsuits from patients who receive federal subsidies . Hospitals need protection, too.

Recently the New York Times reported that another loophole or unconsidered interpretation will price out the very people who were intended to benefit from the mandate-tax:

Under rules proposed by the service, some working-class families would be unable to afford family coverage offered by their employers, and yet they would not qualify for subsidies provided by the law.

Who issued this decision? The IRS, which focused on the fact that employer’s coverage is conferred primarily on the employee alone. Because the employees qualify for self-coverage through their employer, they will not be able to receive a federal subsidy for the rest of their families. As much as Congressman Waxman has protested this ruling, small businesses and administrative officials now face a delicate dilemma. If government officials read the ObamaCare legislation broadly, it will be an ever greater strain than predicted on the federal government. If they abide by the narrow interpretation provided by the IRS, the increasing cost of health insurance will land back on the taxpayer, negating any intended benefits.

The vagaries of ObamaCare have created more problems instead of solving them. Working men and women will still be forced to pay higher premiums in order to cover their entire family, yet the burden will not qualify them to receive the subsidies from the state (

Congressman Henry Waxman was one of the chief architects of ObamaCare, and he has asserted that he opposes any repeal of this legislation.

Yet what are the growing legacies of this law? By confirmation of the Supreme Court, Waxman has inadvertently championed a huge tax increase, not a mandate or a fee. Small businesses are threatened with crippling taxes if they do not provide coverage. Hospitals are closing because they have to provide care with diminished reimbursements from the government

The 2,000 page law is refuted for these three reasons: high tax, higher premiums, less access.

These three reasons are enough to send Waxman out of office and repeal Obama-WaxmanCare.

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