Saturday, August 18, 2012

Response to "Argonaut" Report

Anti-Economic Recovery

Congressman Henry Waxman is attempting to ride out the wave of discontent against incumbents nationwide by railing against the Republican Majority in the House of Representatives as the “most ani-environmental” Congress in history.

“Protecting our coast should be a national priority,” Waxman claimed at a recent press conference. Yet the 38-year incumbent did not pay a visit to the Malibu shore in four years. After 38 years, he has done nothing to reform or specify the scope and scale of the Clean Water Act, which the Supreme Court has twice ruled against (Rapanos v. United States (2006), Sackett v. EPA (2012), arguing that the loose and vague rules create more conflict than care for our waterways, even failing to properly define “wetlands”.

Independent challenger Bill Bloomfield correctly indicted the Congressman for ignoring the real issues: “Rep. Waxman has not voted to create jobs.”

In fact, Congressman Waxman’s Cap and Trade bill, based on studies by MIT and the Council on Foreign Relations, would have killed millions of jobs while having a negligible effect on our air quality. That bill never passed, stymied by a Democratic-controlled Senate. The other law which Waxman helped push through Congress, ObamaCare, is already threatening hospitals around the country, jacking up premiums while cutting off health coverage to employees who have depended on their employers, now forced by ObamaCare to cut staff and stave off hiring and expansion.  Waxman also supported federal loan guarantees to nineteen now bankrupt green tech companies, including Solyndra, which have wasted billions in taxpayer dollars, money that belongs in our pockets.

Waxman opposes the XL Keystone pipeline, which would create thousands of jobs without harming the environment. He decries “global warming” as “science”, even though 30,000 scientists remain skeptical about whether global warming is a threat, or even a reality. He says “We’re not broke!” even though this country is hurting under multi-trillion dollar deficits.

If anyone is denying reality, it’s Congressman Waxman. It’s time that the residents of the Santa Monica Bay deny him another term in office. On November 6th, vote for Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd.

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