Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bandwidth Auctions Better than Cap and Trade

Waxman is going after the Internet bandwidths. The auction of space and broadcasting online is a better source of state revenue than Cap and Trade, which will place a Cap on Trade and drive businesses out of this country.

Just look at California.

Now, instead of focusing on  more revenue, when will Waxman go after the spending? The spending remains the problem, no matter what is going on.

When will he leave businesses along and free up the Internet bandwidth market?

Is there nothing that this man will not tax and regulate?

Is there no issue of greater importance than balancing budgets and ensuring that there is a fiscal budget in place for the future generations of this country?

Congressman Waxman's priorities from the beginning have been all about Big Government, Big Spending, and Big Everything else.

This country is founded on limited government, and Big Citizens.

Tell that to your bandwidth!

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