Thursday, January 31, 2013

Henry Waxman: "Where Have All the Adults Gone?"

I did not learn about Congressman Waxman's plan to visit Hermosa Beach last night (1 -- 30 -- 2013)

It took me nearly half an hour to get any information about this meeting, the news of which was announced practically the same day. What gives?

Not once but now twice, when Waxman sets up a forum in the South Bay, I have found out about it at the last minute. The Beach Reporter has been more than willing to inform readers, but why does it often happen that I do not learn about these things until the last minute?

Does the Congressman have something to hide, or what?

One of many phrases which stood out at the Hermosa Beach townhall meeting included the point when Congressman Waxman said that the "adults need to show up" in Washington.

Not a matter of fear or frustration, but I did have to hold my tongue when I heard him play the "adult" card in condescension, as if Congressman Waxman has any business making such comments.

Was it "adult", or mature, for Waxman to say in open committee "We're not broke!" in the face of trillions of dollars of debt?

Is it mature to spend taxpayer dollars on wasteful green-tech companies? Or to run oversight hearings on baseball or announce sympathy with religious minorities halfway around the world, while this country faces fiscal crises?

Is it mature to ignore homeless veterans, to condemn Republicans for taking away entitlements, when they actually want to ensure them for the future?

Of course, we can also talk about his obstreperous behavior as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, when he grilled Richard Fuld about the fallout of Lehman Brothers "Is that fair?" Or perhaps he would like to explain why he justified slamming his gavel repeatedly while then ranking member Congressman Darryl Issa of Vista demanded that Waxman play fair and share time among the members of the committee.

Maybe he would like to explain his rude and uncouth exchanges with Energy sub-committee chairman Ed Whitfield of Kentucky, from his baseless accusations against the Koch brothers (whom he mentioned at the townhall meeting, too).

Waxman wonders where all the adults have gone in Washington. When will he start to act like one himself?

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