Sunday, January 13, 2013

Waxman, Brentwood VA, Delassus, and ACLU Lawsuits

Congressman Henry Waxman finally wrote some letters for information about the private lend-lease agreements taking place at the Brentwood VA.

Too bad he did nothing for the Hermosa Beach resident Larry Delassus, who died in court last year. Reported by Easy Reader News, the disabled veteran was trying to keep his home from Wells Fargo Bank, which was pursuing an unfeeling and unaccountable foreclosure because of filing errors which had nothing to do with Delassus. He would have ended up another homeless veteran.

Then again Waxman’s efforts on behalf of homeless and disenfranchised veterans are hardly a refreshing course change, since the long-standing and self-serving Congressman has represented the Westside, including the Brentwood VA, for nearly four decades.

How many of our area veterans have suffered from poor treatment and inadequate health care and housing in that period of time, when they should have received top care from the top Veterans Hospital in the West LA are? While the war dead from Vietnam, the Iraqi wars under Bush I and Bush II, and the fated to fail conflict in Afghanistan can find a perfect final resting place in the Los Angeles National Cemetery, the war-wounded  who survive still have to sleep on the street. Laundromats, merry-go-rounds, and domestic animals get to set up, play around, and roam free on land which was meant for our returning armed forces.

The ACLU already filed a lawsuit against the Brentwood VA. Perhaps they should sue Congressman Waxman for his negligent lack of oversight.

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