Monday, January 14, 2013

Waxman Whacking at Wal-Mart

Congressman Henry Waxman is whacking at Wal-Mart, but not because of an essential hatred of capitalism, but because of claims that Wal-Mart executives were aware of bribery with Mexican officials.

Mexico is on the roads to becoming a failed state, much like the Central African "democracies" which have votes every three or four years, followed by disputes and gun shots among rebel leaders.

If Congressman Waxman was so upset about bribery, then how come President Obama loaded Obama-WaxmanCare with lots of benefits and giveaways to diverse US Senators just to get the bill past? Has anyone forgotten the Cornhusker Kickback which would exempt Nebraska from Medicare cuts? How about the Louisiana Purchase, in which federal earmarks would sweeten the deal for Mary Landrieu approval the deal? The unions were guaranteed their Cadillac health care plans, as well. And one bank in South Dakota would receive sole proprietary rights to distributed student loans.

Congressman Waxman should not be investigating private companies which years ago were investigated for malfeasance among subsidiary offices. Perhaps Waxman would like to answer some penetrating questions before the House Oversight Committee about the hidden costs of Obama-WaxmanCare, including the hidden taxes which are just now exploding onto homeowners and medical device manufacturers and small business owners?

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