Saturday, January 19, 2013

Letter to the Palos Verdes Peninsula News

33rd Congressional District Representative Henry Waxman has opened an on Rosecrans Ave., between El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. Whose interests will he represent while in office?
Easy Reader News reported that Hermosa Beach veteran Larry Delassus died trying to save his home from foreclosure. Waxman must address the plight of all veterans, including the growing homeless population. He loves to write letters. He demanded information on the private leases at the Brentwood VA. Private interests should not be leasing property which belongs to our veterans, who should not be living on the street without proper in-patient care.
Congressman Waxman supports the ineffective assault weapons ban. Waxman still talks about Cap and Trade, which is raising electricity rates in California. Waxman investigated bribery among Wal-Mart executives instead of President Obama’s abuse of power. Waxman supported the last minute fiscal cliff deal in order to stop middle class tax hikes, yet Waxman has voted against ending the death tax and the marriage penalty. His signature legislation, Obamacare, levies taxes increases on South Bay businesses. He should repeal or delay that misguided legislation.
For almost forty years, Waxman never paid attention to voters or researched waste, fraud, or serious breaches of public trust. Following his first had-fought campaign, Waxman must now respect all voters, North and South of Dockweiler Beach.
Waxman’s Congressional record can be summed up in three sentences:
“I don’t know” – about baseball, bankruptcies, and his own Cap and Trade bill.
“I’m sorry” – He apologized for the massive waste of federal taxdollars to bankrupted green tech companies, then he voted against the “No More Solyndras” Act.
“We’re not broke!” which Waxman declared despite trillion dollar debts.
Peninsula residents, tell Congressman Waxman what he should know. He should have no reason to apologize, and he better not ignore our nation’s fiscal crises.

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