Monday, January 28, 2013

"No Budget, No Pay" Passes the House

The Republicans have been the reformers all along.

Bill Bloomfield must be dancing a merry jig.

The House of Representatives has agreed to raise the debt ceiling tentatively, for another three months, but an added provision may force the Senate to offer something more than continuing resolutions.

In the even that Congress does not pass a budget, a "No Budget, No Pay" provision will kick in, stripping every member of Congress of their pay until the Congress outlines a budget for the nation.

Some say that this move is grossly unfair to the minority party, since they often have no real say in the final budget, or whether a budget even passes.

Other people claim that this amendment would violate the Twenty-Seventh Amendment, which stipulates that a Congressman's pay must be paid out in a timely manner.

Either way, Bloomfield's "No Budget, No Pay" provisions are working their way into Congress, putting an end to the gridlock and forcing our legislators to get busy.

Henry Waxman -- do you expect to get paid? Then we expect you to get your work done!

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