Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heather Peters: Sue Congressman Waxman

Heather Peters took Honda to small claims court, since that way the car company could not run and hide behind a team of corporate lawyers. Her story was featured front-page in the Daily Breeze

The legal prowess of auto manufacturers all but guarantees that they can get away with selling shoddy cars or offering empty promises.

Peters took them to court, to small claims court, and the company had no choice but to fork over the maximum amount. Honda sold hybrid cars which were not as fuel efficient as they had claimed. If Peters had filed a complex civil suit, Honda could have dragged out litigation for years.
Heather Peters should file a small claims suit against Congressman Henry Waxman.

She was the political director for the Bloomfield for Congress campaign. She has worked in the Santa Monica area before. She knows plenty about the ins and outs of the Santa Monica Bay region.

She knows what Congressman Waxman is capable of. She told voters and party leaders throughout the region about the man. She knows the law, she knows what it takes to challenge a large corporation.

Heather Peters, sue Congressman Waxman. Take him to small claims court for the insidious taxes which are beating down voters and hospital, doctors and businesses. Take Waxman to court because he threatened corporate interests with his Energy Chairmanship because they threatened huge writedowns because of the excessive costs of Obama-WaxmanCare.

Take Congressman Waxman to court for failing to amend the Clean Water Act. The number of property owners who cannot build anything on their land because of a loose or running rivulet of water should not dam up our courts.

Take Waxman to court for harassing Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, who demanded that the Congressman pursue regular order while the former Oversight Chairman

If you can take him to court and win, imagine how many doctors, lawyers, and professionals overwhelmed and tied down by Obama-WaxmanCare would take him to court. Even Big Pharma would be incapable of paying out all the settlements.

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