Thursday, January 3, 2013

From YouTube -- Waxman the Progressive

@soapboxlady: California is a case study in what happens when progressives have control over state government. Going from one of the most efficient, educated populations, and well run states into a basket-case in 25 years. A place where everyone believes they are entitled to the fruits of someone else's labor. Well, when everyone wants "someone else" to pay and no one is left to earn the money, you are in serious trouble.


Socialism fails because eventually the government runs out of other people's money to spend.

Congressman Waxman and his President Barack Obama want to expand the power of the state.

The more laws the better, in their opinion. American citizens need as much help as they can get from the government, since individual liberty, responsibility, and  private enterprise are just too much for the average citizen.

Congressman Waxman is pushing the American nation closer down the road to serfdom. When will Democrats wake up and realize that equality is an elusive concept at best, that state force takes away power and liberty for anyone to do anything good for anyone, that the best intentions of the best men can produce the worst outcomes, for no one can overcome human nature by human force or will.

Congressman Waxman is still pushing the same offensive, pervasive nonsense that human beings are basically good, but if they just got a little bit of help, then a little bit more, then a little bit more, that mankind would be better off.

The notion is worse than a "Satan Sandwich", but a "Satan Banquet" which got Lucifer kicked out of heaven to fall into this fallen earth.

Not more government, but less government is what we need, but Congressman Waxman is not having any of it.

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