Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waxman Visits Hermosa Beach

Congressman Henry Waxman made one of his first "post-election" visits to the South Bay.

The South Bay Democratic Clubs connected together and sponsored an open forum for the Congressman at the Hermosa Beach Playhouse.

I only learned about the meeting the same day, that very afternoon. I called the Hermosa Beach Playhouse, and I got a disconnected number.

I called the Hermosa Beach City Hall to get some information.

They could only tell me that the city leaders had booked the room for the Congressman.

Then they gave me the bright idea, which I should have thought of right from the start:

Call Henry Waxman's office.

He just set up shop in Manhattan Beach, although the office will not be open to the public until the end of the month, or very soon, at any rate. The staff were very polite, although the first person I spoke had no knowledge about the event.

She turned me over to another staffer, who answered my questions.

My first concern was if I had to pay to visit. I had wanted to go to the Santa Monica Democratic club in summer of last year, but they were charging people to come. I did not want to contribute any money to the Democratic Club.

Fortunately, there was no charge.

I then asked -- I could not help but wonder -- were men and women from other political parties welcome to attend? He gave me an enthusiastic "Yes!" He personally invited me to come to the Hermosa Beach Playhouse and see Congressman Waxman and mingle with Democratic Club leaders.

Still, I was hesitant. I spoke with a colleague of mine to bounce around some ideas. How to approach this new forum. I had already been "forced" to leave from the Jewish Community Center because I was  "hostile". Was I prepared for more rejection should it happen again.

The reporter I spoke to shared that  more often than not he covered more liberal venues. He had even worked in Maryland for a few months before relocating to the West Coast. He suggested that observing rather than participating might be the better approach.

I have since learned that I can make the decisions, for better or for worse from within, and everything else breaks forth without let up.

I decided to attend.

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