Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waxman Visits Hermosa Beach Part II

I am grateful to the city of Hermosa Beach. The ample parking along Valley Drive provided me easy access to settle in and get ready for the evening.

I arrived about twenty minutes early. The Democratic leaders had sent up name-tags and a counter of goodies. It was very welcoming, much like the Hesse Park debate in Rancho Palos Verdes.

I spoke with one lady right away, a resident of Pacific Palisades, although her other home is in Santa Barbara.

I was impressed with a number of things that she had shared with me. She was a major fan of Congressman Waxman. She recounted to me the discomfort of boarding a plane, when people were still allowed to smoke. She was grateful to the Congressman.

The heroic aura which surrounds Congressman Waxman is still too much for me to take in, but more on that later.

The lady from Pacific Palisades was open enough to share with me her views. She admitted that she had very little knowledge about economic issues, which I find to be very common among Democrats. A greater awareness of economics, based on cold, hard facts and numbers, has led many liberals to see the light and free their minds.

She and I shared a great disgust for many of the decisions made by George W. Bush. I also asked her about the 2012 election, including the contest between Bloomfield and Waxman. Surprisingly enough, she did not know very much about Bloomfield at all. After all that money that the Independent from Manhattan Beach had spent, one would have believed that almost everyone would have known something about the man who grew up in Pacific Palisades. I was astounded. At that point, I felt at ease telling her that I supported Bloomfield, that I even made phone calls for the guy to get him elected instead of Waxman. She was conciliatory, even funny:

"Oh, that's OK!" she said, at ease talking with me all the same.

I have often shared with other Republican candidates: "Democrats are people, too! GOP candidates should not fear talking to Democratic voters, even if they cannot change their minds, they can get them to think about issues from a different, and better perspective.

She later told me that she was on the fence about the Presidential election, unsure whether to support Romney or Obama. In the past, long ago, she had even voted for a Republican candidate for President.

I have often believed that Democrats are more conservative than media outlets or party leaders are willing to admit. Her lack of knowledge about economic issues might be one tack for Republicans to take in the future in order to turn out the vote for free market, limited government candidates.

While we were talking, another gentleman approached us. At that moment, I was talking about the need of the state of California to advance school choice. She then shared with me her concerns about her granddaughter attending kindergarten with thirty-four other students. Appalling. The man who joined us shared his concerns, about the environment, but also about education.

While I was talking, another woman approached me, a leader of one of the Democratic Clubs. While we starting talking, another woman approached her to draw her aside.

I knew what was going on. One was telling the other that I have been the one writing about the Congressman at length, spreading the word to end "the 38 year tenure of Congressman Henry Waxman."

The leader wanted me to sign in as a member of the press,  but I refused, since I do what I do unaffiliated with any media conglomerate. At this time, I am moved to share what I believe, to hold Congressman Waxman accountable, and perhaps if it all possible, to get some Democrats to pay attention to more widespread and pressing issues.

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