Thursday, October 11, 2012

About Prop 32 -- Hess Park Community Room Debate

Congressman Henry Waxman jumped into the fraught and fraying debate over Prop 32.

He alleges, just like all the ongoing attack ads, that the initiative is just a covert attack on public sector unions while leaving a host of corporations exempt and untouched.

I cannot believe that Congressman Waxman has endorsed this distortion. Yet nothing more cements where his allegiances lie, pressing on for the public sector unions, many of whom are to blame for the ongoing fiscal woes that are driving this state into the fiscal sea of bankruptcy.

Mr. Waxman's overt distortion of Prop 32 alone is enough to challenge his credentials for representing the 33rd Congressional District.

Do we really want a Congressman who stands firm with the declining union lobby, one of which benefited substantially following the massive auto bailouts of 2009?

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