Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Shout Out Against Waxman

For the first time in his 38-year incumbency, Congressman Henry Waxman is facing a real challenge to his re-election prospects. Throughout his lengthy career, Waxman coasted into victory by running in districts that were gerrymandered with a 60% Democratic advantage. Twice in his career he ran unopposed by a major party.

On June 6th 2012, Independent Bill Bloomfield, co-founder of "No Labels", mounted a moneyed challenge to win the top-two spot to challenge Waxman in the new 33rd Congressional District, a new constituency which takes in the entire Santa Monica Bay, from Palos Verdes to Malibu. In this district, a real race is taking place in spite of the prognosticators who claim the district is “Safe Democratic.”

Congressman Waxman's tenure is marked with unaccountability and unpreparedness.

When Waxman was confronted about the basic laws regulating steroids and alcohol in this country, he admitted “I don’t know!”. He also admitted his ignorance about $15 million in stimulus dollars on steroid education. The only problem with this admission is that he was conducted heavy oversight hearings into steroid abuse at the time.

About the details of his own signature legislation, Cap and Trade, he also admitted in open committee that he did not know what was in his own bill, then he attempted to add a 300-page amendment to the legislation at the last minute.

Earlier this year, he declared: “I’m sorry that Solyndra happened!”,  a wasteful failure stemming from the failed federal loan guarantee program for green tech companies – authorized by President Obama. However, Waxman voted “No!” on the “No More Solyndras” Act.

In a recent budget committee hearing, Congressman Waxman admitted that he did not know that General Motors went bankrupt. This kind of ignorance has grown habitual with the Congressman, perhaps due to the arrogance of running in a safe district after all these years.

In open committee, not once by twice Waxman declared "We're not broke!" even though this country is facing multi-trillion dollar debt. He has voted against every working class and middle class tax cut since 2000. His neglect of the Brentwood VA is inexcusable, with thousands of homeless vets still waiting for adequate care and housing.

Bill Bloomfield is an Independent businessman from Manhattan Beach. He has refused party backing or special interest money. A fiscal conservative and moderate on social issues, Bloomfield deserves to serve in Congress.

Vote for Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

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