Monday, October 29, 2012

"Eliot Ness" Getting "Badgered"

Waxman's Old Reputation
Congressman Henry Waxman has quite a reputation in Washington. Some have called him “The Eliot Ness” of the House, while others call him “The Badger.”

As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Waxman grilled major league sports players, executive officials under the Bush Administration, and disgraced CEOS like Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers. He will forever be remembered for forcing the Seven major Tobacco executives to lie under oath. All who appeared before Waxman waxed fearful.

Now, for the first time in over forty years, Waxman has to campaign for his seat, and apparently he does not take too kindly to constituents who review and question him about his record. In a recent “open forum” in the Southern section of the newly-drawn 33rd Congressional District, the Congressman debated his challenger, Independent Bill Bloomfield, in a local Jewish Community Center. From the outset, he appeared apprehensive, even frightened.

When this writer stood up to ask him a question, Waxman interrupted: “This Republican blogger has been writing nasty attacks about me!” Then the moderator and the leader of the congregation told me to sit down. Despite protesting my freedom of speech, I was not permitted to ask Waxman any questions.

Congressman Waxman threatened so many, yet now he feels threatened and entitled to not answer any questions. Waxman loves to attack, but now he cannot defend Himself. His record of taxes, spending, and bullying others has caught up with him.

"I Don't Want to Play Anymore!"
Doesn't the Santa Monica Bay deserve better than an entitled incumbent who can't stand the heat from prospective voters who want real answers from their representatives.

Waxman is either too weak to remain in office, or he feels that he does not have to earn his keep in Congress.

On November 6th, vote for Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd Congressional District.

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