Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bloomfield Receives Endorsement of James Woolsey


Former CIA Director under Bill Clinton, James Woolsey has endorsed Bill Bloomfield.

I learn more good things about Bloomfield every day. I had no idea he was involved in pro-democracy efforts in Syria. In any part of the world needs sensible, bipartisan leadership, that would be the Middle East.

Regarding the Middle East, let us not forget that Mr. Waxman has spend the greater part of his time standing by President Obama, who refuses to stand with or even meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. While Bibi is drawing red lines in the sand with Iran, Obama continues to spill red ink damning this country with deficits and debts, and the LA-Congressman just nods his head and goes along with the failing program.

In this way, Bloomfield reminds me a lot of Romney. On many issues they had a moderate record. Yet unlike Romney, who has changed his mind on issues, Bloomfield stands by his views no matter what - fiscally conservative, socially moderate. I may not agree with all of his views, but I prefer a Congressman who cares about foreign and fiscal policy as opposed to a long-term incumbent who lives in Washington, rarely visits his constituency, takes money from special interests, and pursues inane, hyperpartisan legislation which has nothing to do with improving health care, the environment, or solving this county's grand and growing debt problem.

Democrats are lining up against Waxman. Who else would like to step up and stamp out the second half of the breaking down Berman-Waxman machine?

How many other Democrats will have the guts to stand up to the Waxman Machine?

Brad Sherman -- there's still a chance to endorse the rival of the man who has promoted your rival in the new 30th. . . .


  1. Brad Sherman has already publicly endorsed Henry Waxman.

  2. That's a shame.

    Still, no matter.

    Thanks for writing.