Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bernman-Waxman "Unraveling"


Thank goodness for the reporting of Dan Walters.

I cannot say that I share some of his sobering cynicism on the state of California politics.

I will say, however, that I wish that I had read his article sooner on the Berman-Waxman machine.

Some in the new CA-30th had chided me because I wanted to end the Berman-Waxman machine, telling met that it no longer exists.

After this election, without a doubt it will no longer be running. Berman has poured millions into his own - not his "won" -- reelection fight! Waxman, for the first time EVER has to defend his seat.

Prop 11 and Prop 14 should have been passed decades ago. Never again should machines dominate politics in any region of the state. That is just contrary to the best interests of republicanism.

Every term, every legislator must compete for his seat. Berman-Waxman are going down!

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