Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waxman Trumpets the Affordable Care Act

I love the "Argonaut" Newspaper.
Champion of the "Un-Affordable Care Act"
This was one of the first Southern California newspapers that printed my articles, outside of the generally understood South Bay area!

I loved their local pieces on education, especially, but I found myself finding a real platform for taking down the "cottage industry" legislation of State Senator Ted Lieu. To this day, I do not understand why our local representatives spend more time protecting sharks' fins from going into people's soup, or why we must protect minors from tanning salons, or why pet owners should microchip their pets.

Yet like Senator Lieu, Congressman Henry Waxman has advanced legislation which has done nothing for the well-being of his constituents here in Southern California, aside from granting him more press, I suppose, or shoring up the liberal-progressive base which believes that more government is good government.

From Cap and Trade to ObamaCare, Waxman thinks that more regulation, more oversight is what we need. "I love to legislate" he declared proudly in one interview, yet the truth is that we need less legislation, less regulation, less strangulation

Waxman paid a visit to the Venice Family Clinic Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center to tout the benefits of the new law (September 24).

I wish that I could have been there to tell him about the major corporations who are pushing employees off their health coverage because the Affordable Care Act has made health care all the more unaffordable. I wish I had been there to share the frustrating testimony of a retired teacher who  has had four doctors in the last month because each doctor is retiring because of the extra paperwork from Obama's legislation. It's too bad that he did not mention the hospitals that are closing are suffering from lack of funds because of the raid on Medicare. The New York times reported that the IRS recently interpreted the statute to exclude family members if the primary income earner is receiving health coverage from the employer.

Health coverage exists right now for people who can thank Waxman for avoiding a heart-attack or for being able to stay on their parents' plan until they are twenty-six. Yet how many families will be smiling when they find huge tax increases hammering them in the next few years, a big part of the individual mandate/tax?

Mr. Waxman's bill was ill-conceived then and remains so now, and all of the photo-ops along Lincoln Blvd. will do nothing to amend the crippling financial and medical losses that this country will sustain because of this law.

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