Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To the Argonaut: Bloomfield for Congress

The Argonaut's column on Independent Bloomfield, candidate for the 33rd Congressional District against incumbent Henry Waxman, was free of hyperpartisanship, bias, and special interest influence, just like Mr. Bloomfield. Those reasons alone support sending him to Congress.

Congressman Waxman has been in office longer than I and many voters have been alive. For over three decades, Waxman has coasted into office, representing Santa Monica all the way to the Malibu coastline, as gerrymandered districts protected incumbents for years. 

The Santa Monica Daily Press commented: "It has felt at times as if he [Waxman] has taken us for granted." Congressman Waxman has written letters about the Fifth Street post office, the Santa Monica Airport, and the plight of homeless veterans, many of whom cannot find shelter or proper medical care because the Brentwood VA has been leased out in private land-share agreements. The men and women who fought for this country deserve more than their fair share of care from our country. Instead, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Waxman was investigating steroid abuse in baseball instead of the abuse and neglect of our veterans.

Bloomfield's business background, philanthropy, and advocacy in electoral reform define an experienced citizen who can bring more to Washington and bring more for us than Congressman Henry Waxman, an experienced politician with very little to run on except a record of previous legislation instead of current solutions for our future problems.

Thirty-eight years of Henry Waxman is enough for the Santa Monica Bay. On November 6th, vote for Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd Congressional District.

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