Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Henry Waxman: "Consistently Inconsistent'

"Come Again?"
The Venice Neighborhood Council held their October meeting at Westminster Elementary School on Abbot Kinney road. The highlight of the evening, two ten-minute presentations from the candidates running for election in the new 33rd Congressional district, took precedence in the early part of the meeting. Independent Bill Bloomfield outline his positions, policies, and platform, followed by Congressman Henry Waxman.

The only line of attack that Congressman Henry Waxman has left against Independent Bill Bloomfield is that he has been a registered Republican for the last twenty years, and that he contributed to Governor Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

First, this matter of "Republican wolf in Independent sheep's clothing" needs to be addressed once and for all. Bloomfield has supported Democratic LA Councilmembers Jan Perry, Laura Lake, and even Eric Garcetti. I almost choke to think that he stood by Treasurer Phil Angelides, whose abortive run for governor in 2006 was forever marred and mocked by his walking amongst a crowd of cardboard-characters, stationary figures who appeared more like-like than he. Coincidentally enough, Democratic Assemblyman Mike Fueur was present at the Neighborhood Council meeting, touting his run for City Attorney -- another Democrat supported by Bill Bloomfield.

On another note, the prominent Republicans who have endorsed Bloomfield include moderate-liberal former LA Mayor Richard Riordian (and Bill supported Mayor Villaraigosa!). Point of fact, there would not be Neighborhood councils in the first place if it were not for the initiative of Mayor Riordan!

Bloomfield has supported his share of independents, as well, including former Maine Governor Angus King and retiring US Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman. What does Mr. Waxman say to that?

 After beating the same empty drum about Bloomfield's former party, Waxman proudly declared during the Venice Neighborhood Council Meeting October 23: "I am consistent. I am a proud Democrat."

Waxman Consistent? (I won't go into the inconsistency of "proud" and "Democrat")

Waxman wanted a single-payer public option for the Affordable Care Act, yet he ran away from that.

He admitted earlier this year:  "I'm sorry that Solyndra happened", then vote against the "No More Solyndras" Act. What?

He hammered the Koch Brothers conspiracy earlier this year, only to back off at the last minute, since the Koch Brothers have nothing to do with anything in Congress - aside from supporting candidates who support free markets and less government intrusion. Of course Congressman Waxman opposes their interests. -- "I love to legislate" is his mantra, and nothing says" "more government" and "more spending" like more legislation.

He wants to foster energy independence. Why has he opposed the XL Keystone extension?

Waxman oversaw oversight hearings on steroid abuse in baseball, only to admit to a constituent that you do not have the  slightest knowledge about this country's steroid or drinking laws? One oversight too many, it would seem.

Waxman went after waste in the Bush Administration's invasion and nation-building in Iraq. His response was to send more government to investigate. Really?

For decades, Waxman  blocked the "Subway to the Sea" along Wilshire, from Downtown to Santa Monica, yet now he is coming out  all in favor of it. For all of his claims that he cares about the health and well-being of the environment, the toll of traffic along all seventeen miles of Wilshire is still hurting our cars, our streets, our air, and Waxman did nothing about it.

In a July 2012  interview with CNN, Waxman said that this country is in a depression, than a recession, apparently unable to make up his mind. Inconsistent in the same interview.

He claims to be bipartisan, yet with ObamaCare and Cap and Trade, Waxman advanced both laws and pushed them through the House along the slimmest of margins. A majority of Americans still want ObamaCare repealed. As for "Cap and Trade",  Democratic US Senator Joe Manchin -- one of the many Democrats whom Bill Bloomfield has sponsored throughout his public life -- pledged during his campaign that he would shoot a bullet through Cap and Trade. The Bill died in the Senate following a close vote in the House, after a three hundred page amendment was added to the bill at the last minute. And I am sure he wants very few to hear about his ill treatment of colleagues  as chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

Waxman  says not once but twice in open committee  "We're not broke!" , and the national debt gets bigger.

Waxman -- Consistent? Hardly!

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