Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Kissing Close Election" - Kiss the Incumbent Good-Bye

Henry Waxman has canceled interviews in the past week and hunkered down for the long haul.

Ari Noonan of Culver City's "The Front Page Online" has reported, and wisely so, that Bloomfield is everything that Waxman feared:

- A well-funded challenger.

- An independent who represents the voters, not the special interests or the party bosses.

- A moderate who will leave along a woman's right to choose or two people's choice to live together.

- A fiscal conservative who is not afraid to talk about Simpson-Bowles, a bipartisan reform effort which Obama refused to stand by and Waxman has unwisely repudiated as "lacking detail".

-A native son who cares about other people, diverting time, energy and money into candidates and causes across the political spectrum and around the world. I am still learning a number of philanthropic efforts.

Henry Waxman has lost considerable support in Beverly Hills, his old haunt, since he blocked the Subway to the Sea.

Even the Santa Monica Daily Press gave him at best a lukewarm endorsement, more out of tradition than passion:

Waxman has a long history of supporting liberal causes and holding those in power accountable. He’s an old-school progressive whose views mirror those of most Santa Monicans. That said, it has felt at times as if he has taken us for granted. No movement on building housing for homeless veterans. Letters sent but nothing accomplished in regards to limiting flights at Santa Monica Airport or saving the Downtown post office. But then again, there’s no guarantee that any of that would have been accomplished if his challenger, millionaire Bill Bloomfield, were in office. We liked Bloomfield and believe his efforts to rid Washington of obstructionist forces are needed, but his disinterest in local issues concerned us, as well as his lack of a voting record. We believe Waxman should be given another term, while Bloomfield should be supported in his efforts to reform politics from the outside.

I  think that Mr. Waxman can kiss his reelection chances good-bye!

Go Bill Go!

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