Friday, October 19, 2012

"The Veteran Vote" in the LA Times

Linda Bilmes of Harvard University claims that the veteran vote is crucial yet undecided for this year’s presidential election.

First, I want every veteran, every voter, to remember that our President announced the timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan while they are still stationed there.

Second, Obama has done nothing to expedite their return stateside.

Third, I ask voters in the 33rd Congressional district to remember that incumbent Henry Waxman, for all of his seniority and authority, never bothered to investigate the private use and abuse of the Brentwood VA, while thousands of homeless veterans  have been struggling to survive on the street.

Not just the Presidential election, but Congressional candidates should pay attention the needs of our veterans. To learn more about the neglect and incompetence of Congressman Henry Waxman, who despite some token legislation, has failed to instigate reform and recovery at the Brentwood VA, visit “Waxman Watch” –

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