Monday, October 29, 2012

Bloomfield within Striking Distance

This is what everyone wants to know, the news that Waxman is in big trouble, that the end of his 38-year reign of tenure (terror?) is coming to an end.

The Congressman bullies colleagues, he intimidates businesses and witnesses who are summoned by subpeona before his committees.

Yet now he runs in fear of. . . . .

"The Republican blogger who makes nasty attacks" about him.

Bill Bloomfield has run a credible, qualified, and carefully measured campaign, the first major candidate in the South Bay to refuse to run as either a Republican or a Democrat. Perhaps in the next two years we will see other independents stand up to Maxine Waters and Janice Hahn, forcing them to pay attention their voters as opposed to special interests, or whatever interests interest them exclusively.

To all of you who want to know the polling information on the Bloomfield-Waxman race:

I do know that Bloomfield is within striking distance of his challenger, Henry Waxman. We have got to stop the Overwhelming and overburdening former chairman from rising again. Let this be his last election for federal office.

No more Waxman! Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

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