Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Take on the Effects of Obama-WaxmanCare

Twice in the past few months, the “Argonaut” has published a few articles about the effects of the “Affordable Care Act” (otherwise known as“ObamaCare”) on Venice and Santa Monica Clinics.

Congressman Henry Waxman, the law’s chief sponsor, paid a visit to the Venice Family Clinic Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center to tout the benefits of the new law (September 24).

I wish that I could have told him about the major corporations (Sears and The Olive Garden ) who are pushing employees off their health coverage because the Affordable Care Act has made health care unaffordable. I wish I had been there to share the frustrating testimony of a retired teacher who has had four doctors in the last month because each doctor is retiring because of the extra paperwork from Obama's legislation. It's too bad that he did not mention the hospitals that are closing our suffering from lack of funds because of the raid on Medicare. The New York Times reported that the IRS recently interpreted the statute to exclude family members if the primary income earner is receiving health coverage from the employer.

ObamaCare puts a tax on medical equipment and on homeowners once they sell their homes. How many families will be smiling when they find huge tax increases hammering them in the next few years, the enforcing part of the individual mandate/tax?

Mr. Waxman's bill was ill-conceived then and remains so now,and all of the photo-ops will do nothing to amend the crippling financial and medical losses that this country will sustain because of this law. Health insurance purchased across state lines, an end to licensure laws for physicians, and Health Savings Accounts (which Waxman voted against), would do more to bring down costs and expand access in this country.

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