Sunday, October 14, 2012

Daily Breeze Endorses Waxman

Today (October 14), the Daily Breeze decided to endorse Congressman Henry Waxman for another term. I am displeased, to say the least.

The rationale for the South Bay Paper, apparently, is that they want a Congressman with experience and seniority, one who can stand up for the local interests of the South Bay, along with Waxman's usual haunt in the Westside.

Frankly, who cares if the district has a  15-point advantage for Democrats?

And what do we have for all the  protections which he helped to enact following his 38 years in office?

The Clean Water Act is all washed up, having been curtailed twice in the last six years  by two majority rulings of the Supreme Court.

Yes, he went after waste and fraud in Iraq. He got involved in taking on the AIDS epidemic, but what else has this man done?

He has overseen wasteful oversight hearings into steroid abuse in baseball.

He has authored legislation that would cripple jobs and close hospitals. ObamaCare is a disgraceful piece of legislation, a law with so many loopholes and unintended consequences, including special panels to ration care, huge cuts to Medicare, dizzying byzantine regulations, and a huge tax for all of use who cannot afford the insurance. Let's not forget to mention the businesses who are pushing employees off their health insurance and the insurance carriers who are discontinuing the service. ObamaCare is a nightmare that  must be repealed.

Three phrases sum up the modern legacy of Congressman Henry Waxman:

"I don't know!" -- Waxman has admitted his ignorance on a number of issues, from steroid laws to auto bailouts to the details of his own Cap and Trade bill.

"I'm sorry!" -- Waxman offered meager condolences for Solyndra, among other federal loan guarantees for failed green tech companies.

"We're not broke!" -- Waxman declared this denial of reality in open committee, in the face of trillion dollar deficits. 

The South Bay can do better than Henry Waxman, who has voted against every middle and working class tax cut, including Health Savings Accounts, ending the Death and Marriage Penalties, and even the JOBS bill.

Waxman is not the "better fit" for any district. He fits in with the same tax-and-spend agenda that is bringing down this state and this country. "Better fit" is just code for "we do not like Bill Bloomfield as much as Waxman" -- but when did like or dislike every play into evaluating candidates for federal office?

The Daily Breeze endorsement says more for the worse about the local paper than about the credibility of either candidate. There needs to be a shake-up for the editorial board, or else I predict that the readership of the paper will fall so low, that no one will be paying attention.

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