Friday, October 12, 2012

Response to Bev Morse "Voting for Waxman" in the Beach Reporter

Ms. Morse skeptically challenges Mr. Bloomfield’s Independent status and scornfully questions his allegiances. Look beyond the labels to the votes and the record of the two candidates for the 33rdCongressional District.
Contrary to Morse’s assertion, Bloomfield filed for Independent status in March 2011, one year before the June 2012 primary, before the new district lines were drawn. Bloomfield has funded Republican and Democratic candidates. Since there was no Independent candidate for President, he chose the fiscally conservative, socially tolerant Jon Huntsman. Bloomfield supports Prop 32 – a bipartisan grassroots measures to end the special interest chokehold in Sacramento.
Like Morse, I know what Mr. Waxman has done, and for whom. He supports federal loan guarantees for failed green tech companies – billions of dollars lost, and all we got was “I’m sorry!” He declared “I don’t know!” about his own Cap and Trade bill, along with the GM bailouts and steroid abuse, which he was investigating. Waxman denies reality and declares “We’re Not Broke!” in the face of multi-trillion dollar debt and deficits.
I am also of aware of what Waxman has failed to do. He failed to amend the curtailed Clean Water Act. He blocked the “Subway to the Sea” from Downtown to Santa Monica. He failed to defend our veterans, who return stateside to dilapidated housing and debilitated services in the Brentwood VA.
Considering Waxman’s 38 years of experience fall short, I’ll take the Independent I don’t know over the Incompetent that I do.
Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

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