Monday, October 29, 2012

Rebuttal to Susan Cloke of the SM Mirror

Susan Cloke cloaked the record, rhetoric, and ridicule of liberal Congressman Henry Waxman in a fit of fulsome praise which takes liberties with the truth.

Waxman opposed the Subway to the Sea for decades, a move which would have decreased the toll of Wilshire traffic on or health and environment.

The Congressman has ignored the plight of the nine thousand homeless veterans in the Los Angeles area, offering up the Brentwood VA to private interests for "sharing agreements", yet the same companies have shared none of the profits toward renovating the property for the veterans to live on.

ObamaCare is a tax which will crush working families while increasing the cost of premiums and diminishing access. In fact, the rise in costs, plus the twenty new taxes, have discouraged job growth, hammered home owners, and forced more layoffs.

Waxman is the witness why we either need term limits or we need a more active and enlightened citizenry exposing the arrogant ignorance of legislators who get elected, move to Washington, and never look back.

"Now we see through a glass darkly" --  there is no mirror more distorted and obscured than the paper in Santa Monica.

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