Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waxman Making Robo Calls -- Really?

I would have thought that Congressman Waxman would not have to resort to robots to make pitches on his behalf to the voters.

I thought that he had quite a following to begin with.

It seems that Waxman's support is dwindling considerably, after all.

Despite the fact that he has four phone banks, it seems as if no one is willing to make calls on his behalf.

This is looking more and more like Bloomfield's election to win. At least he does not have to break telemarketer laws to get the word out on his candidacy.

Robocalls are illegal in the state of California. Then again, I do not expect  Congressman Waxman to be aware of that, since he has not lived in this state ever since he went to Congress in 1974.

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